Rockwell Automation Intergrated Motion Control

This multi axis servo system utilizes the latest Rockwell Automation platform for integrated safety and integrated motion control. Using the CompactLogix 5380 Controller and Kinetix 5500 EtherNet/IP Servo Drives to achieve maximum precision and control

Siemens PID Control


WinCC SCADA System

The project was undertaken to replace an outdated and inflexible plant monitoring system , the system was replaced with the latest Siemens WinCC SCADA System (V7.3). The system comprised of the WinCC Server, WinCC Clients and WinCC Web Clients. Also installed was a managed redundant Ethernet backbone ring at the automation level.

A range of Siemens PLC’s , including 3x S7-400’s , 1x S7300 & 1 S7300F and 2 S7-1200’s were connected to the managed Ethernet ring and their data made fully available across both the factory floor and throughout the corporate network.

Marina Lock Gate Safety System

We were asked to design, install and commission a safety control system for a marina. The marina was to undergo a control system upgrade by an automation hardware supplier and as the upgrade was deemed to be a “substantial modification” it was then a requirement by the owners to risk assess the safety system to find out if it complies with current legislation.

We undertook a risk assessment to EN 12100-2010 to quantify all the hazards and the risks associated with those hazards, the outcome of the risk assessment would give a performance level to EN13849-1 of each hazard. We could then set about to design the safety control system architecture. The system had to take into account the protection of the pedestrians whilst using the walkway on the lock gates by isolating all the movement of the lock gates, and prevent access to the walkway whilst the lock gates were in operation.

We opted to use the Allen Bradley Guardmaster® 440C-CR30 Software Configurable Safety Relay as it is flexible, cost-effective, and easy to use.

River Automatic Lime Dosing System

The Lime Dosing system controls the level of acidity in the tributary rivers to reservoirs. The amount of lime that is dosed into the river is in relation to height of water at the dosing silo. The system was designed to be “Off Grid” because of it’s remote location using batteries topped up with solar power. When low voltage was detected the control system would shutdown prior to battery depletion and automatic start-up when the battery voltage was replenished.

An Allen Bradley 1769-L16ER CompactLogix Controller was chosen because it has 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs onboard and with 6” Panel View HMI for the user to interact with the PLC.

Projects Include :
• Marine
• Chemical
• Water
• Food/Beverage
• General Manufacturing